Hi everyone!

Today I'm gonna share my latest polish haul.

I bought these from my local store which is Watsons.

Here are my products:
  • Rimmel London Nail Nurse Perfectionail :

You can use this polish on its own or as a base coat.

It claims to hide imperfections or ridges on your nails.

 I used it. It gives a smooth finish and makes your bare nails fine-looking. But don't wait it to proect your nails from being broken.

Shortly, you can give it a try. But I can't say it's my favourite one.

  • Rimmel London Nail Nurse  Nail Base & Top Coat:
  • You can use this as a base and top coat.

    It claims to have 5 good effects on your nails.
    It claims to make your nails smoother, stronger and longer if used as a base coat.
    If you use it as a top coat it will give shine to your nails.
    I didn't use it. But when I do, I will share my opinions with you.
    • Rimmel London Finishing Touch 3D Plumping: 

    This nail polish claims to give your nails a 3D look. It will give shine.
    Also it says that it prolongs your nail polish's color and durability up to 6 days.

    I didn't use it, either. We will see.

    • Rimmel London  Finishing Touch Glitter Top Coat:

    I absolutely love this product.
    It is a glitter nail polish.
    Its glitters are golden.
    It rocks your nail arts!
    Here is a sample use of it;

    Last but not least;

    • Golden Rose Paris Collection 236:

    I love Golden Rose's Paris Collection.
    I use it for years. I like its bottle shape.
    This shade is not a mint shade, I think.
    This is a perfect shade for soft summer looks.

    Ok, now it's over.
    Thank you for reading this post.
    Here is a beautiful picture from Turkey's parks.

    See you...

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