Today we will do some stamping.
Altough it seems to be hard to appl, it is a very simple technique.

I bought my supplies from Aliexpress.

They are very cheap

I bought 10 stamping plates and scraper for $ 4.00 .
Ok they aren't the greatest stamping set but they work perfectly.

First, you need to put a piece of paper under the image plate not to mess everything up.

I didn't use the blue Gabrini nail polish because it is thin. I used Golden Rose Rich Color 16

Then, you apply your nail polish on the desired image.

Be careful when choosing the nail polish. You need to choose thick nail polishes.

Also, don't forget peel the thin protecting layer on the each plate.

When you apply your nail polish, be quick. Because if it dries on the plate, you can't get a good image.

Now, you need to scrape it very quickly. You can see the photo below.

After scraping, roll the nail stamper on the plate or press on the image.

Then do the same thing on your nail.

Now it's done.

Clean the extra nail polish.

These plates are nice but if you want a big pattern that will be on the whole nail, these wouldn't be enough.

Thank you for reading!

See you on the next post.

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