I wanted to create a look for Rio 2016 Olympics. I know it's not perfect but I really wanted to do it for a change. 

Hope you like it.

Here are all the nail polishes I've used. 

Flormar Supermatte Lily White

Flormar Full Color Lemoncello - Yellow

Flormar Pretty P24 - Green

Alix Avien 163 - Dark Blue

Golden Rose Wow! 72  - Light Blue

Golden Rose Matte -12 Black 

China Glaze 237 Pure Torture  - Red nailpolish

I must say that I was pretty challenged while drawing my country's flag, Turkey. 

But I'm proud to draw our flag and show my support!

I used Flormar's nail art brush, dotting pen and a pin.

First I applied 2 neat coats of Flormar Supermatte Lily White on my nails.

Then, I simply draw Rio, Olympics circles, numbers and Turkey's flag.

If you like it, you can go to my Instagram account and give a like!

I wish luck to Turkey and other countries !

Have a nice day...

Hi there!

Today's manicure will be Avon Nailwear Pro+ Green Goddess.

It is  green overall but as I see, it contains a normal (?) dark green, khaki green and gold glitters.

If you like green, it is the right choice for a different shade of green.

It was a gift from a purchase I had on Avon. I didn't choose the color, but I like it.

You can see its color vividly on this photo:

It is 2 coats on all of the photos.
I can say that it is a bit holographic.

Its formula is thin, 2 coats are perfect.



You can check my instagram for more looks here:

You can check MANI OF THE DAY -1- here.

Have a lovely day!


Here is another nail art design I've created today.

I stamped little bows on ombre nails.

All the nail polishes I've used creating this design are;

Lulaa peel off liquid tape 

Details at: 
Flormar Nail Enamel 398 Blue Black

Flormar Nail Enamel  402 Bright Coral

Note  Nail Enamel 06 Cream Beige

Stamping Plate:

( I bough it from Aliexpress)

Firstly, I applied 2 coats of Note Nail Enamel 06 Cream Beige.

Before ombre part, I applied Lulaa Liquid Latex to protect my nails.

Then, I applied Flormar Nail Enamel  402 Bright Coral and

Note  Nail Enamel 06 Cream Beige onto my sponge for ombre part.

Details for stamping is here: Ombre Nail Art 

After peeling of Lulaa, here is my clean hand :)

Then, I stamped the bow by using Flormar Nail Enamel 398 Blue Black.

Details for stamping is here: 


Do you like it? I would be very happy if you share your comments.

Have a nice day!

Hi everyone. 

Here is my first MANI OF THE DAY and my guest is Flormar Pearly Salmon Dust.

Flormar's Pearly Collection aims to give you shine like a pearl shines. 
It does that nicely. This is my first nail polish from this collection.

It's not a completely nude nail polish.

It made my nails eye-catching because of its shine.

Its formula is very different. It's like foam, I think. Thick but it needs to be applied 2 coats.

It is a different color.

It's a simple but useful color for everyday looks.

It stays on my nails perfectly for 2 days.

It contains glitters. You can see above.

You can give this color and collection a chance.

What do you think?

Have a nice day...

Hi everyone. 

Hope you're OK but I'm not. I have the flu.

Today I'm gonna show you Flormar's so-called holographic nail polishes.

These are on the line of Flormar Nail Enamel.


As you can see, this polish has golden glitters in it. 

It doesn't say that I'm holographic but I can say that Flormar has tried to it.

It is hard to remove as it contains a lot of glitters.

If you are looking for a cheap holoic nail polish, you can consider buying it.


This is more successful than Golden Orchid in holo.

This is flash used photo. You can see its glitters.

It is 3 coats on the photos.

You can increase its effect by applying more coats as its formula is thin.

I like this color more.

What do you think?

You can give them a chance, I think.

I want to find out cheaper holographic nail polishes.

Do you happen to know?

Please let me know.

Have a nice weekend...

Hi, hope you're OK. 

Today I did this beautiful dotticure nail art after I saw an example. 

But I did this with pink because I felt like this.

Let's look at all the nail polishes I've used.

As a base coat; Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat

As a top coat; Golden Rose Gel Look Top Coat

Golden Rose Rich Color 143

Golden Rose Ice Chic 69

Flormar Supermatte M103 Lily White

Flormar Glitter GL02 Pink Silver

For the dotting part, I used a pin

I have dotting pens but I can't find them because I've recently moved.

But pins are great, too. 

Firstly, I applied Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat to protect my nails.

Then, I applied 3 coats of pink Golden Rose Rich Color 143 on my 3 nails which you can see below.

Then, I painted my middle finger 3 coats of Flormar Supermatte M103 Lily White.

For my ring finger I applied 5 coats of Flormar Glitter GL02 Pink Silver to have a full look.

I took nailpolish to my pin by simply touching the brush of the black Golden Rose Ice Chic 69.

I applied small black dots on white nail polish.

Firstlı, I put 3 dots vertically.

Then, I applied 4 more on the edges.

This is how it turned on.

As a top coat, I applied Golden Rose Gel Look Top Coat.

What do you think?

Hope you enjoy this design.

Love to hear some ideas from you.

See you...

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