MANI OF THE DAY -1- (Flormar Pearly Salmon Dust)

Hi everyone. 

Here is my first MANI OF THE DAY and my guest is Flormar Pearly Salmon Dust.

Flormar's Pearly Collection aims to give you shine like a pearl shines. 
It does that nicely. This is my first nail polish from this collection.

It's not a completely nude nail polish.

It made my nails eye-catching because of its shine.

Its formula is very different. It's like foam, I think. Thick but it needs to be applied 2 coats.

It is a different color.

It's a simple but useful color for everyday looks.

It stays on my nails perfectly for 2 days.

It contains glitters. You can see above.

You can give this color and collection a chance.

What do you think?

Have a nice day...

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