Rio 2016 Olympics Inspired Nail Art


I wanted to create a look for Rio 2016 Olympics. I know it's not perfect but I really wanted to do it for a change. 

Hope you like it.

Here are all the nail polishes I've used. 

Flormar Supermatte Lily White

Flormar Full Color Lemoncello - Yellow

Flormar Pretty P24 - Green

Alix Avien 163 - Dark Blue

Golden Rose Wow! 72  - Light Blue

Golden Rose Matte -12 Black 

China Glaze 237 Pure Torture  - Red nailpolish

I must say that I was pretty challenged while drawing my country's flag, Turkey. 

But I'm proud to draw our flag and show my support!

I used Flormar's nail art brush, dotting pen and a pin.

First I applied 2 neat coats of Flormar Supermatte Lily White on my nails.

Then, I simply draw Rio, Olympics circles, numbers and Turkey's flag.

If you like it, you can go to my Instagram account and give a like!

I wish luck to Turkey and other countries !

Have a nice day...

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