ALIEXPRESS White Peel Off Liquid Tape Latex "Lulaa" Review


Hi everyone

Today I'm gonna share my review on Liquid Tape Latex "Lulaa".

I bought it from Aliexpress

It took 1 month to arrive Turkey.

I bought it from LULAA boutique nail shop .

Its price changes due to sales etc. But I bought it for $1.31

This is a peel off nail polish.

What is a peel off nail polish?

You apply it around your nails and leave it to dry.

It dries in 2-3 minutes.

When it's dry, its color become transparent.

First you apply this liquid tape, then you apply your normal nail polish onto your nail.

Once the liqıuid tape is dry, you simply peel it off.

I necessary you can clean with a tooth pick after peeling off.

It is a life-saver for sponge technique.

This Lulaa liquid tape works perfectly.

But you need to place the liquid tape carefully.

I recommend it highly.

It is very cheap.

Don't forget that it has a very heavy chemical scent.

Thanks for reading.
See you on the next posts.

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