HOW TO DO dry brush technique NAIL ART

Here is my version of dry brush technique nail art.

In this technique, I used four nail polishes and their brushes.

You can use any different colors. I used these summer shades.

Before using colorful polishes, I used Flormar Light Summer  LS03 as a base nail polish.

Here are the steps:

Take the extra nail polish from the brush as shown on the photo.

But you need to take extra nail polish on a sheet of paper.

Then I applied this Golden Rose Express Dry 29 on my nail randomly.

Then, I applied Golden Rose Paris Collection 259 randomly, too.

Finally, I filled all the empty blanks with  Flormar Full Color Lemoncello.

Here are all the steps in one photo.

You can use 2 or more colors.

Dry Brush Technique is open to create very different patterns.

I will apply this technique with different colors and patterns.

Hope you like it, too.

Please, comment below and share your opinions with me.


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