FLORAL flower pattern NAIL ART

Here is one of my latest nail art.

This one is a flower patterned design.

You only need nail polish and a pin.

I used Golden Rose Express Dry 26 on this design.

It is simple but cute.

Here are the steps;

Firstly, I put a drop of nail polish on a sheet of paper.

Then, I got the nail polish by the pin head.I created small dots to create a circle.

I used yellow nail polish to make the middle part of the flower.

You can see the steps easily here:

I used a middle sized pin head If you use smaller or bigger pin head you might have problems or you can get much smaller or bigger flowers.

I repeated every steps above on all of my nails.

After these, I used Flormar Plus Quartz 003 Glitter Touch to make my my design more elegant.

What do you think?

If you share your opinions, I will be very happy!

Have a nice day...

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