Today, I'm gonna share my Flormar Online Shopping.

flormar turkey online

I bought this products from Flormar Turkey's online store and 

I'm really satisfied with the process.

Here is my photo of the haul.

flormar oje

I bought 8 nail polishes.

Here is the list from left to right:

Flormar Nail Enamel 394 Golden Orchid

Flormar Matte M27 Havana

Flormar Nail Enamel 392 Holographic Silver

Flormar Full Color FC 47 Lemoncello

Flormar Plus + Quartz 003 Glitter Touch

Flormar  Sugar Candy

Flormar Pearly Nail Enamel SC10 Pink Lolipop

Flormar Matte M29 High Society

flormar nail polish

I will swatch every one of them.

Keep in tune!

Have a nice day...

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